Irrigation Pumps

An irrigation pump is a type of water pumping machine or water pump used for the pumping of water from the source of water to the irrigation system.

Irrigation pumps are usually used in agriculture to pass water to crops. Without an irrigation pump, most irrigation systems will not work properly.

An irrigation pump can be used for a drip irrigation system, centre pivot irrigation system, rain gun irrigation system, Sumisansui irrigation system, spray tube irrigation system and travelling gun irrigation system etc.

The different types of irrigation pump include the centrifugal pump, jet pump, submersible pump, bore well pump, sumo pump, surface pump and solar water pump etc.

The distance of the farmland to the source of water, size of pump, type of water source and size of the area of land are some of the factors to be considered before choosing an irrigation pump.

The benefits of using an irrigation pump are:

  • Ability to irrigate your crops all year round
  • Better crop yield as a result of availability of water
  • Ease in the transfer of water from the source of water to the irrigated area etc.

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