Buy our Irrigation Systems to Optimise your Crop Yield

Our irrigation systems (drip irrigation, centre pivot, rain guns, Sumisansui system and spray tubes etc.) can be used to irrigate your crops all year round.

Our irrigation systems can enhance your yield by optimizing plants’ growth.

With our irrigation systems, you can grow your crops in the dry season.

Drip Irrigation System

drip irrigation

We stock all types of drip irrigation system. We can design and install a drip irrigation system on your farmland. This irrigation system is one of the most efficient irrigation systems in the world.

Rain Guns and Sprinklers

We have various types of rain guns and sprinklers. Talk to us if you want rain guns for your farm. Our rain guns can effectively serve your irrigation needs.

Spray Tubes and Rain Hoses

buy spray tube

Our spray tubes/rain hoses work like natural rain fall. The spray tubes are sprinkler like hoses that can be used to spray water droplets to plants. Contact us if you need this tubes.

Centre Pivot System

centre pivot irrigation system in Nigeria

We can design and install centre pivot systems on your farm. All you need to do is to contact us.

You can contact us on 08066437109 to inquire more about our irrigation systems.

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