Cucumber seeds are the oval shaped seeds found in a cucumber fruits. Cucumber seeds are used for the cultivation and growing of cucumber plants. Without the use of cucumber seeds, cucumber farming cannot be done.

The planting of the cucumber seeds leads to the growing of cucumber plants which eventually leads to the harvesting of matured cucumbers

Cucumber seeds can be grown outdoor; this is the most popular way of growing cucumber seeds. To grow cucumber seeds outdoor, you need to use find a warm location with shade to bury the cucumber seeds in the soil or any suitable growing medium. Cucumber seeds will not germinate in places that are too cold.

Cucumber seeds can also be grown indoors. In this case, you may need to have growing light which will mimic sunlight. Nursery trays and a growing medium are needed to grow cucumber seeds indoor.

Types of Cucumber Seed Varieties

The following are the types of cucumber seed varieties:

Hybrid Cucumber Seeds

Hybrid cucumber seeds are produced by breeding two or more cucumber varieties. They are bred to produce high yields and resist a lot of pests and diseases. Hybrid cucumber seeds in Nigeria usually have higher yields than open pollinated cucumber seeds.

Hybrid cucumber seeds need more inputs like fertilizers, pesticides and water than open pollinated cucumber seeds.

Some of the best hybrid cucumber seeds in Nigeria include Tokyo F1, Murano F1, Darina F1 and Greengo F1 etc.

Open Pollinated Cucumber Seeds

Open pollinated cucumber seeds are cucumber seeds that are known as heirloom seeds. Open pollinated cucumber seeds can be re-used, that is, open pollinated seeds can be harvested from cucumber fruits and replanted.

Open pollinated cucumber seeds do not usually have yields higher than that of hybrid cucumber seeds.

Gynoecious Cucumber Seeds

Gynoecious cucumber seeds are hybrid cucumber seed varieties that produce predominantly female flowers. Few monoecious cucumber seeds are added in the pack of gynoecious seeds.

Murano F1 cucumber variety is a gynoecious seed variety.

Monoecious Cucumber Seeds

Monoecious cucumber seeds are cucumber seed varieties that produce both male and female flowers.

Poinsett cucumber variety is a monoecious seed variety.

Parthenocarpic Cucumber Variety

Parthenocarpic cucumber variety is a type of hybrid cucumber variety that has self-pollinating capability. This type of cucumber variety is usually planted in greenhouses as pollinators are not needed before it can bear fruits.

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