Maize seeds are the square shaped seeds found in maize cobs. Maize seeds are used for the cultivation and growing of maize plants. Without the use of maize seeds, maize farming cannot be done.

The planting of the maize seeds leads to the growing of maize plants which eventually leads to the harvesting of matured maize.

Maize seeds are usually done outdoor. To plant a maize seed, you need to dig a small hole, drop the maize seed and cover the maize seed with soil.

Maize seeds do well in tropical climes. Without sunlight and warm temperature, maize seeds will not germinate.

Types of Maize Seed Varieties

The following are the types of maize seed varieties:

Hybrid Maize Seeds

Hybrid maize seeds are produced by breeding two or more maize varieties. They are bred to produce high yields and resist a lot of pests and diseases. Hybrid maize seeds in Nigeria usually have higher yields than open pollinated maize seeds.

Hybrid maize seeds need more inputs like fertilizers, pesticides and water than open pollinated maize seeds.

Some of the best hybrid maize seeds in Nigeria include Pioneer maize seeds and Delkab maize seeds.

Open Pollinated Maize Seeds

Open pollinated maize seeds are maize seeds that are known as heirloom seeds. Open pollinated maize seeds can be re-used, that is, open pollinated seeds can be harvested from maize cobs are replanted.

Open pollinated maize seeds do not usually have yields higher than that of hybrid maize seeds.

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