Tomato seeds are the oval shaped seeds found in ripe tomato fruits. Tomato seeds are used for the cultivation and growing of tomato plants. Without the use of tomato seeds, tomato farming cannot be done.

The planting of the tomato seeds leads to the growing of tomato plants which eventually leads to the harvesting of matured tomatoes.

Tomato seeds can be grown outdoor; this is the most popular way of growing tomato seeds. To grow tomato seeds outdoor, you need to use find a warm location with shade to bury the tomato seeds in the soil or any suitable growing medium. Tomato seeds will not germinate in places that are too cold.

Tomato seeds can also be grown indoors. In this case, you may need to have growing light which will mimic sunlight. Nursery trays and a growing medium are needed to grow tomato seeds indoor.

Types of Tomato Seed Varieties

The following are the types of tomato seed varieties:

Plum Tomato

A plum tomato is also known as paste tomato or processing tomato. It is used for the making of packed tomato pastes in Nigeria. Plum tomatoes usually have an oval shape. They also have fewer seeds unlike other varieties of tomato seeds.

An example of plum tomato is the Roma VF tomato seed variety.

Cherry Tomato

A cherry tomato is a type of tomato variety with a small size. Cherry tomatoes are significantly smaller than other types of tomato seed varieties.

Cherry tomatoes are usually used for salads and other exotic food.

Beefsteak Tomato

A beefsteak tomato also called beef tomato is a type of tomato that produces very large tomato fruits. The beef tomato can have a diameter of above 20cm and some beef tomato varieties can weigh up to 450 grams.

This variety is not commonly grown in Nigeria. However, some farmers still grow it for specialized markets.

Heirloom Tomato

A heirloom tomato variety is an open pollinated tomato variety usually grown in a particular country. Heirloom tomato varieties do not yield well like hybrid tomato varieties. They are also more susceptible to diseases and pests than hybrid tomato seed varieties.

Determinate Tomato

Determinate tomatoes are varieties that have a fixed maturity time. Determinate tomato varieties grow its tomato fruits within a short period.

Determinate tomato varieties often produce tomatoes that are smaller than that of indeterminate tomato varieties.

Indeterminate Tomato

Indeterminate tomato varieties are tomato varieties that continue to grow for a long time. Indeterminate tomato varieties can produce tomato fruits for 6 months. The plants can grow up to 8 feet.

Indeterminate tomato vines are usually staked so that they can grow vertically. Maxim F1 is a type of indeterminate tomato variety.

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