Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer in Nigeria (25kg/50kg Bag)

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  • Calcium nitrate has nitrate and calcium
  • It is soluble in water
  • It can be used for fertigation
  • It provides nutrients for plants and can cure a lot of nutrients deficiencies
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Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer in Nigeria (25kg/50kg Bag)

Calcium nitrate fertilizer is one of the most important types of fertilizers for the cultivation of crops in Nigeria. Calcium nitrate is known as a colourless salt used for farming and other purposes.

Calcium nitrate as an inorganic compound has a chemical formula of Ca(NO3)2. Calcium nitrate fertilizer in Nigeria is mainly sold by Veggie Concept and some other fertilizer dealers.

As a fertilizer, calcium nitrate supplies nitrogen in the form of nitrate and calcium to crops. These two nutrients can go a long way in improving the quality and yield of crops. Some calcium nitrate fertilizers in Nigeria have boron and magnesium as extra nutrients.

What is the price of calcium nitrate?

In Veggie Concept, we stock a wide variety of calcium nitrate fertilizers. The price of our calcium nitrate fertilizers varies from N15,000 – N25,000 depending on the type you want.

We also charge delivery cost if you are based in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, Ibadan, Kaduna or any town or city outside Lagos.

We do not sell sub-standard calcium nitrate, do not be deceived by the ridiculously low prices of some sub-standard calcium nitrate fertilizer in the market.

calcium nitrate fertilizer in nigeria

Where to buy calcium nitrate fertilizer in Nigeria?

At Veggie Concept, we sell different types and brands of calcium nitrate fertilizer. You can reach us through 08025141924 or We have offices in Lagos and Abuja.

What is Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer?

Calcium nitrate fertilizer is a calcium based fertilizer that is soluble in water. It is used for the growing of crops in the open field and greenhouses. Calcium nitrate fertilizer is one of the most important fertilizers for hydroponic cultivation of crops.

As a matter of fact, without calcium nitrate fertilizer, no greenhouse farmer can get a good yield. Calcium is the trucker of all nutrients, calcium makes plants become resilience and tolerant to diseases and pests. This is why calcium nitrate fertilizer is important in farming.

The nutrient proportion of calcium nitrate fertilizer is 15.5-0-0 + 19% Ca. A lot of the calcium nitrate fertilizers in Nigeria contain 1.5% nitrogen (nitrates), 0% phosphorus, 0% potassium and 19% calcium. Some have magnesium and they are called CALMAG fertilizers. Some calcium nitrate fertilizers also have boron.

The nitrate in calcium nitrate is fast acting; plants make use of nitrogen in nitrate form almost immediately as it needs no conversion again. When nitrates are combined with calcium, plants make use of the calcium much more effectively and efficiently.

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Uses of calcium nitrate in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the main usage of calcium nitrate is as a fertilizer. Calcium nitrate is used as fertilizers by farmers. It helps in improving the quality and yield of crops. It is not uncommon to see farmers increasing their crop yields by 50 – 100% in Nigeria, thanks to the application of calcium nitrate fertilizers.

Calcium nitrate is the only water soluble calcium based fertilizers. This has enabled farmers to apply soluble calcium to their crops.

Calcium nitrate can also function as a pesticide. Calcium nitrate is used for the prevention and control of tomato blossom end rot disease, bacteria wilt and bitter pit in apple. Some scientists have claimed that the application of calcium based fertilizers can make plants resistant to some fungal diseases.

Calcium nitrate is also used in water treatment. Waste water can be treated by applying calcium nitrate, it dislodges surplus sludge in waste water.

It is also used for the manufacturing of latex coagulant and concrete.

The benefits of calcium to plants

Calcium is the trucker of all nutrients in plants. Without calcium, the plants cannot make use of other nutrients. Other nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, magnesium and boron etc. cannot be efficiently transported to all the parts of the plants without adequate calcium. This is why calcium is very important in plants.

Calcium is known for its ability to expand the pores in the soil. This improves soil aeration and makes the soil inconvenient for some harmful pests and microbes. When soil aeration is improved, the roots of plants can expand rapidly; this can improve the yield of crops.

Calcium improves the cell walls of plants. When the cell walls of plants are improved, the incidences of pests and diseases are also reduced. With enough calcium, plant cells become more turgid and resilient to stress and other adverse conditions. Pests are known to avoid plants that are turgid.

Calcium improves the quality and look of plants and fruits. Adequate calcium makes fruits and leaves look very appealing, it also improves the shelf lives of fruits and leaves. Crops with low levels of calcium often produce fruits with a poor shelf life and look.

Calcium nitrate improves the assimilation of silica in plants. This can significantly improve crop yield.

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How to maximize the effects of calcium nitrate on plants

To improve the work of calcium nitrates on plants, boron can be added to it. Boron improves the role of beneficial microbes. Boron also improves the assimilation of calcium in plants. It works in synergy with calcium. The balance between calcium and boron should be optimal.

The use of humates like potassium humate and fluvic acid can improve the assimilation of calcium in plants.

Silica can also be synergistic with calcium. Silica improves the assimilation of calcium by plants.

When Mycorrhizal fungi are used with calcium, the assimilation of calcium by plants can be improved. Mycorrhizal fungi improves the root mass of plants and make them uptake more nutrients from the soil.

How to use calcium nitrate fertilizer

Calcium nitrate fertilizer can be used through base dressing and side dressing. That is, the fertilizer is placed beside each plant. The fertilizer can also be buried some few centimeters away from the plant. During ploughing and harrowing, calcium nitrate can be used through base and top dressing.

Calcium nitrate fertilizer can also be applied to crops at their root zone through fertigation. Fertigation is done through the use of venture injector and dosing pump.

Calcium nitrate fertilizer can also be foliar sprayed on the leaves and stems of plants. The concentration of calcium nitrate in water during foliar application should not exceed 2%.

Foliar application of calcium nitrate

Calcium nitrate and its alternative calmag fertilizer can be applied through foliar application. Foliar application of fertilizers is the spraying of fertilizer solutions on the leaves and stems of plants.

Foliar application is done through the use of knapsack sprayers, boom sprayers or irrigation sprinklers.

To apply calcium fertilizer through foliar means, the calcium nitrate solution should be 0.5% – 2% concentration in water. If the concentration is too high, the leaves of the plants can be burned.

Deficiency of calcium in plants can be quickly remedied through the foliar application of fertilizers.

To apply calcium nitrate through a knapsack sprayer, you need to half fill the sprayer with water, add calcium nitrate, mix thoroughly, fill up the sprayer and mix thoroughly again. This ensures that the whole fertilizer dissolves in the water. Alternatively, you can mix the calcium nitrate with water in a drum or bowl, then, pour the solution into the knapsack sprayer.

What crops can I use calcium nitrate for?

Calcium nitrate fertilizer can be used for all crops. This type of fertilizer can be used for vegetables, fruit crops and tree crops.

Calcium nitrate can be used for crops like tomato, pepper, cabbage, cocoa, citrus, pawpaw, banana, plantain, cashew, oil palm, cucumber, watermelon, sweet pepper, potato, yam and maize etc.

We have seen cucumber farmers who recorded over 100% increase in yield because they applied calcium nitrate to their crops.

Substitutes of calcium nitrate

Though calcium nitrate fertilizer is very important in farming, there are some alternatives you can use if you cannot get calcium nitrate in Nigeria. The main alternative is calmag fertilizer. Calmag fertilizer contains calcium, magnesium and nitrate.

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer can also be used as a substitute to calcium nitrate. Though, it is scarce in Nigeria.

Should you need calcium nitrate fertilizer in Nigeria, please reach us through 08025141924 or

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Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer in Nigeria (25kg/50kg Bag)

49,850.0060,000.00 (-17%)

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