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Our fire pump comes with diesel engines of 30 – 250HP. The motor/engine is connected to a pump with a network of pipes.

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A fire pump is a crucial component of a fire sprinkler system or a standpipe system in buildings. Its primary purpose is to deliver water with sufficient pressure to firefighting devices, such as sprinklers, hose lines, or hydrants. Fire pumps are a vital part of fire protection systems, ensuring that water can be supplied at the required pressure and flow rate to control or extinguish a fire.

Our fire pump comes with diesel engines of 30 – 250HP. The motor/engine is connected to a pump with a network of pipes.

We assemble various types of fire pumps.

Key Features of our Fire Pump

Dependable Performance

Equipped with a robust electric motor or diesel engine, our Fire Pump delivers consistent and powerful water flow, ensuring effective firefighting capabilities.

Versatile Applications

Suitable for a wide range of applications, including high-rise buildings, industrial facilities, warehouses, and residential complexes.

Efficient Control Panel

The integrated control panel provides easy operation, monitoring, and diagnostics. Start and stop the pump with confidence, and receive real-time status updates for peace of mind.

Reliable Water Source Connection

Connects seamlessly to municipal water supplies or dedicated water tanks or reservoirs, ensuring a quick and reliable water source in times of emergency.

Compact Design

Engineered for space efficiency, our Fire Pump can be seamlessly integrated into existing fire protection systems without compromising valuable space.

Jockey Pump Option

Choose the model with an optional jockey pump to maintain constant pressure, compensating for minor fluctuations and guaranteeing system readiness at all times.

Applications of our fire pump

Commercial Buildings

Protect high-rise structures and commercial complexes with a robust fire protection system.

Industrial Facilities

Safeguard industrial assets and personnel with a reliable and powerful Fire Pump solution.

Residential Communities

Provide peace of mind to residents by ensuring a rapid and effective response to fire emergencies.

Compliance and Standards

Our Fire Pump complies with industry standards and regulations, meeting the highest safety and performance requirements.

Technical Specifications of Our Fire Pumps

Power Source

Choose between electric motor or diesel engine options based on your specific needs. We stock fire pumps of engine capacity of 30 – 250HP.

Flow Rate

Tailored to meet the flow rate requirements of your fire protection system. We can configure a fire pump to meet your flow rate.

Control Panel

User-friendly interface for easy operation and monitoring.

Installation and Support

Our team of experts is available to assist with the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of your Fire Pump. Contact us for personalized support and ensure the long-term reliability of your fire protection system.

Key Components of Our Fire Pump

  • Main Pump Unit
  • Control Panel
  • Water Inlet and Outlet Connections
  • Jockey Pump
  • Driver (Electric Motor or Diesel Engine)

Types of Fire Pumps We Stock

Centrifugal Fire Pumps

  • Horizontal Split Case: This type of pump has a horizontally split casing, making it easy to access and maintain. It is commonly used for high-flow, low-pressure applications.
  • Vertical Inline: Vertical inline pumps are space-saving and have the pump and motor mounted in a vertical position. They are suitable for installations with limited space.

Vertical Turbine Fire Pumps

  • Vertical Turbine Can-Type: These pumps have an enclosed impeller and are suitable for deep well installations. They are often used in high-rise buildings.
  • Vertical Turbine Sump-Type: Designed for use in open sumps, these pumps are submerged in water and are commonly used in applications where a water source is readily available.

End Suction Fire Pumps

  • Close-Coupled: The pump and motor are close-coupled in this design, providing a compact and cost-effective solution.
  • Long-Coupled: In long-coupled pumps, the pump and motor are separate entities, connected by a coupling. They are suitable for larger applications.

Multistage Fire Pumps

  • Horizontal Multistage: These pumps consist of multiple impellers arranged in series to generate higher pressure.
  • Vertical Multistage: Similar to horizontal multistage pumps, these pumps are arranged vertically.

Split Case Fire Pumps

  • Single-Stage: Single-stage split case pumps are designed for high-flow, low-pressure applications.
  • Two-Stage: Two-stage split case pumps provide higher pressure by using two impellers.

Diesel Engine Driven Fire Pumps

  • Skid-Mounted: These pumps are mounted on a skid for ease of transportation and installation. They are often powered by diesel engines and serve as reliable backup systems.

Electric Motor Driven Fire Pumps

  • Jockey Pump: A small electric pump that helps maintain system pressure within a fire protection system.
  • Main Fire Pump: The primary electric motor-driven pump responsible for delivering water to the fire protection system.

Pneumatic Fire Pumps

  • Air-Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD): These pumps use compressed air to operate diaphragms, creating suction and discharge cycles.

Hydraulic Fire Pumps

  • Hydraulic Ram Pump: Operates using the energy of falling water to pump a smaller amount of water to a higher elevation.

Should you need to order or buy our fire pump in Nigeria, please call 08066437109.

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