Layflat Hose Connector (For Drip Irrigation) – 100Pcs/Pack

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  • Layflat hose connector
  • 16mm diameter
  • Light weight
  • A pack of 100 pieces

The layflat connector is a small device used for connecting the drip tapes to the submain layflat hose. The layflat connector has a small opening which it uses to receive flowing water from the layflat hose. It also has another opening which it uses to distribute water to the drip tape laterals.

The layflat connector as part of the accessories of a typical drip irrigation system is fitted or connected to the layflat hose with a punch tool. The punch tool creates a hole on the layflat hose and the layflat connector is fitted into the hole.

The layflat hose connector should be gently screwed into the hole created with the punch tool.

Why is the layflat connector used for drip irrigation system?

Layflat connector is used in drip irrigation system because it connects the drip tapes to the submain hoses. The layflat connector creates a tight fit of the layflat connector to the layflat hose.

If fitted correctly, there will be no leakage on the submain lay flat hose at the point of connection to the drip tapes.

The screw look of the layflat hose connector makes it very appropriate for holding the drip tapes tightly to the layflat hose.

Features of the Layflat Hose Connector

The following are the features of layflat hose connectors:

  • It is made of polythene
  • It has no movable part
  • It has a screw like feature
  • It comes in a pack of 100 pieces

Benefits of Using a Layflat Hose Connector

  • It is durable and can last for several years
  • It is easy to use and operate
  • It can be fitted on the layflat hose by anyone without training
  • It can be used for drip irrigation system and other irrigation systems
  • It enhances the process of irrigation

How to Install a Lay Flat Connector

To install a layflat hole, the following has to be done:

  • Lay the layflat hose across the farmland
  • Use a punch tool to create a hole on the layflat hose
  • Gently screw the layflat connector into the hole created by the punch tool
  • Fit the drip tape to the other side of the layflat connector and hold it tightly with the flap on the layflat hose connector

You can know more or buy the full drip irrigation system with all the accessories here.

To order or buy lay flat connectors on phone, please call us on 08066437109.

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layflat hose connector

Layflat Hose Connector (For Drip Irrigation) – 100Pcs/Pack

14,500.0017,000.00 (-15%)

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