Padma F1 Tomato Seed (5 Grams)

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  • Maturity is 60 – 65 days
  • Padma F1 is a hybrid tomato variety
  • It is hardy, rugged and resistant to a lot of diseases and pests
  • It produces tomato fruits with high round shape
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Padma F1 Tomato Seed (5 Grams)

Padma F1 tomato seed is one of the most vigorous and hardy tomato varieties in Nigeria. Padma F1 tomato variety does well in all tropical conditions and can also grow well in humid conditions unlike other tomato varieties. Padma F1 seed is bred by East West Seeds.

Disease Tolerant and Rugged Hybrid Tomato Variety

  • This variety can be grown in all regions in Nigeria
  • It is resistant to bacteria wilt

  • It is high yielding

  • Fruits are big and marketable

  • Tolerant to a lot of diseases and pests

Padma F1 is a very rugged tomato variety. Its vigor makes it to withstand the conditions in tropical lowland areas where other tomato varieties hardly do well. In the southern part of Nigeria, Padma F1 tomato variety can do really well. Southern part of Nigeria has a humid condition which makes it difficult for other tomato varieties to do well. Padma F1 is resistant to bacteria wilt and other diseases that are prevalent in the humid southern part of Nigeria.

Padma F1 has a determinate growing habit and suitable for any type of tomato farming project. It is a determinate variety of tomato. This means that it has a short life span unlike the indeterminate varieties of tomato. Despite this short life span, it can have a very huge yield. Padma F1 tomato’s yield can rival that of some indeterminate varieties.

Padma F1 tomato variety can grow in all locations in Nigeria. You can grow this variety in the north, middle belt, east and the western part of Nigeria. There are farmers cultivating Padma F1 in Kano, Lagos, Owerri, Makurdi and Jos etc. with great yields. As a matter of fact, northern tomato farmers are now leaving UC and Roma tomatoes for Padma F1.

Padma F1 tomato variety can be highly profitable if you want to engage in any tomato farming project. You just need to follow all the protocols.

Characteristics of Padma F1 Tomato Seed

Padma F1 tomato variety is hardy; it can withstand a lot of stresses like diseases, pests and adverse weather conditions. Farmers in Nigeria term this variety as very rugged.

Padma F1 tomato variety can reach maturity within a short time, normally within 60 – 70 days. Some farmers even start their harvest as early as 55 days.

The size of the tomato fruits of Padma F1 seed is big and well accepted in all Nigerian markets; this is one of the advantages this variety has over Platinum F1.

Padma F1 can fruit in heavy rains and even when it is very hot. It tolerates adverse weather conditions well.

Padma F1 is tolerant to bacterial wilt. This disease is prevalent in the southern part of Nigeria. It is one of the reasons tomato crop does not do well in southern Nigeria.

Padma F1 variety has fruits that are very red. Nigerians call it blood red. This colour makes it command good prices in the market.

Advantages of planting Padma F1 Tomato Seeds

With Padma F1, a farmer can get up to 20 – 30 tonnes of tomato fruits per acre. I have seen farmers getting this yield in the southern and northern part of Nigeria. The yield of this variety far exceeds that of the common varieties cultivated in Nigeria.

Padma F1 is well accepted by customers and buyers in Nigeria because of its size, colour and turgid nature.

Padma F1 variety can be cultivated in all states of the country. Anywhere you are in Nigeria, be sure that you can cultivate Padma F1.

Padma F1 can resist and tolerate a lot of diseases and pests.

Disadvantages of planting Padma F1 Variety

A farmer needs to spend some money on the purchase of nutrients for this variety as it needs a lot of fertilisers and manure.

The price of the seeds of Padma F1 is a little bit more expensive than that of open pollinated varieties, though the high yield will compensate for the price.

Where can I buy Platinum F1 Variety?

You can buy Padma F1 tomato seeds from Veggie Concept by sending an email to or call 08025141924. You can also visit our offices.

Experiences of farmers that planted Padma F1 Tomato Seed

Though Padma F1 is a fairly new tomato variety in Nigeria, a lot of farmers have tried it and have vowed never to plant any other tomato variety except Padma F1.

Our customer, Mr. Ojo (not real name) has been cultivating tomatoes for over 15 years in a village near Ibadan, Oyo State. He hardly makes any profit from the tomato vareties he usually plants. He plants only the open pollinated tomato varieties.

Mr. Ojo contacted us for advice, we advised him to try Padma F1 tomato with drip irrigation system. He did his trial on a one hectare farmland. Mr. Ojo harvested tomato fruits of about 40 tonnes from his one hectare farmland. He was shocked; he has never seen this type of yield in his entire life.

Mr. Ojo was able to buy a small car from the profit he made from his one hectare farmland of tomato.

We have also met a farmer who made ₦5 million by cultivating Padma F1 tomato.

There are other farmers like Mr. Ojo who have recorded good yield from planting Padma F1.

To order Padma F1 tomato, contact us through or call 08025141924.

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padma f1 tomato seed

Padma F1 Tomato Seed (5 Grams)

16,000.0019,000.00 (-16%)

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