Rain Gun Sprinkler with Tripod Stand (40 Metres/50 Metres/80 Metres)

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  • Up to 80 metres radius of spray
  • Tripod stand inclusive
  • Enables all year round farming
  • It can rotate 360 degree
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Rain Gun Sprinkler with Tripod Stand

A rain gun is a type of irrigation sprinkler used for irrigating crops. The rain gun sprinkles water to the plants and the soil. It wets all parts of the plants and the soil.

Rain guns are effective for almost all types of crops. They can be used for vegetables, broad acre crops and tree crops. The sprinkling effect ensures that the water reaches all the parts of the plant.

The rain gun works well when there is a water reservoir. Natural reservoirs like river and stream can be used. Artificial reservoirs like tanks and dams can also be used as the source of water for the rain gun.

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Components of a Rain Gun Irrigation System

Rain Gun Sprinkler: This is the gun sprinkler that sprays the water around to your crops and field. It is the main component of the rain gun sprinkler irrigation system. Without the rain guns, the rain gun irrigation system cannot work.

Tripod Stands: The stands used for rain gun irrigation system are usually about 1 meter in heath. They ensure that the run guns spray water to all the crops on the field.

Hold down stakes: These are iron stakes used in holding down the rain gun tripod stands to the soil. Without the stakes, the tripods will not hold firmly on the soil.

Hoses: Water hoses are also some of the components of the rain gun irrigation system. The hoses are used in supplying water to the rain guns. Suction and transfer hoses are required. PVC pipes can also be used instead of hoses.

Water Pumps: Pumping machine are used in a rain gun irrigation system. The water pumps sucks water from the reservoir and transfer the water through hoses to the sprinklers.

Benefits and uses of rain gun irrigation

Rain guns like other types of irrigation can increase crop yield and the profit of farmers. Below are some of the benefits of using rain gun irrigation in Nigeria:

Improved yield

The use of rain gun sprinklers can increase the yield of crops. Crop farmers can be assured of constant supply of water to their crops, this can increase their yield.

All year round irrigation

Rain gun irrigation can allow farmers to cultivate their crops all year round. This can help in improving their profitability. In Nigeria, prices of food crops are usually cheap during the rains. Few farmers who can cultivate in the dry season make good money. Rain guns can enable a farmer to grow his crops in the dry season.

Reduction in cost of labour

The use of flood irrigation in Nigeria involves the use of a lot of labourers or workers especially if the farm is large. With rain gun sprinklers, just one labourer can irrigate a large farmland. It is just plug and play.

Ability to apply fertilizers

With rain guns, foliar fertilisers can be applied to the crops. This can improve yield and also improve the health of the plants.

Ability to apply pesticides

Rain gun sprinklers can be used to apply some types of insecticides, fungicides, acaricides and other pesticides.

Types of farmers that need rain gun in Nigeria

Rain guns can be used by most if not all farmers in Nigeria. Rain gun irrigation system is one of the most affordable irrigation systems in Nigeria.

Rain gun sprinklers can be used for any size of farmland in Nigeria. If your farm is small, you can use rain guns, if your farm is large, you can use a rain gun.

Do you have a farm in Lagos, Ibadan, Kano, Kaduna, Jos, Abuja, Borno, Jigawa, Kebbi, Ondo, Ekiti and Akure etc? Having rain gun sprinklers may beneficial to you.

How to Set Up a Rain Gun Irrigation System

All what you need to set up a rain gun irrigation system are rain gun sprinklers, tripod stands, bolts and nuts, hold down iron stakes, water reservoir, water pumps and hoses.

Anyone can install a rain gun sprinkler system; however, if your farm is big, it is better to engage a professional plumber.

What to look out for when buying Rain Guns in Nigeria

The question to ask yourself is, am I buying a high quality rain gun? Below are some of the things you should look out for when buying rain guns in Nigeria:

Are you buying from just a trader or you are buying from an irrigation expert?

One of the mistakes farmers make is to buy irrigation equipment from market traders who know nothing about irrigation. Never every buy your rain gun sprinklers from those who know nothing about irrigation. Seek the advice of experts and buy your rain guns from firms that are knowledgeable in irrigation.

Is the rain gun too cheap?

I know a lot of us like cheap things. You should exercise extreme caution when buying cheap irrigation systems. Most ridiculously cheap rain guns are of low quality, they will not last long at all. Do not be deceived by cheap prices, buy only rain guns that are of a high quality. Do not be penny wise and pound foolish.

What is the quality of the rain guns?

As a novice, you may not know how to determine the quality of a rain gun. That is why you need to buy from reputable dealers like Veggie Concept. If you buy a poor quality rain gun sprinklers, it will get bad within a short time.

What are the characteristics of the rain gun sprinklers?

You should ask for the characteristics of the type of rain guns you are buying. Is the rain gun PY30 or PY 40 or PY200? What is the water discharge rate of the rain guns? What is the radius the rain guns can cover? Etc.

For those who buy large number of rain guns from us, we can provide the following free services:

  • Irrigation design with CAD and IRRICAD
  • Installation service
  • Soil Analysis
  • Water Test
  • Agronomic design or plan and fertilization plan based on the result of the soil and water analysis
  • Farm profit optimization

Cost and Benefit Analysis of Using Rain Gun Sprinkler in Nigeria

The benefits of using rain gun sprinkler irrigation mostly outweighs its cost, I will explain this with a case of Alhaja Tawa (Not real name), a rice farmer in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Alhaja Tawa just started growing rice on her farm in Ekiti State few years ago. She grows the upland variety of rice which is normally grown on dry land. Last year, rain ceased for several weeks in June and July. In Nigeria, June and July are the peak months for rains; however, because of the effects of climate change, rains are now very erratic.

Alhaja Tawa was confused; all the rice seeds she planted did not germinate because of lack of water. She contacted Veggie Concept and we designed and installed rain gun sprinklers on her farm. Within a few days after installation, most of the rice seeds planted on her farm started germinating.

Alhaja Tawa recorded 120% more yield as compared to rain fed farming when she used rain guns on her rice farm. She is planning to expand her rice farm now.

Questions and Answers about Rain Gun Sprinkler

Question: Can rain gun sprinklers be used for all crops in Nigeria?

Answer: Rain guns can be used for almost all crops, though, for some crops, drip irrigation is better.

Question: What crops in particular can rain guns used for?

Answer: Rain guns can be used for tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, cocoa, pepper, oil palm, rubber, watermelon, maize, soybeans, millet, cowpea, beans and yam etc.

Question: Should I buy a very cheap rain gun sprinkler?

Answer: The truth is that most ridiculously cheap farm technologies and farm inputs in Nigeria are sub-standard. Avoid too cheap rain guns, they are likely to be sub-standard and of a poor quality. Do not be penny wise and pound foolish.

Question: Can I break even if I use rain gun sprinklers?

Answer: Yes, we have had a lot of farmers who significantly increased their profit because they used rain guns.

Question: Where can farmers get rain guns to buy in Nigeria?

Answer: Rain gun sprinklers can be bought from Veggie Concept; you can call this firm through 08025141924 or send an email to sales@veggieconcept.ng

Question: Can fertilisers and pesticides be passed through rain guns?

Answer: Rain guns can be used for foliar application of fertilisers and pesticides.

Question: Can any farmer operate a rain gun irrigation system?

Answer: Rain gun system is a simple technology. An illiterate can even use it.

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Rain Gun Sprinkler with Tripod Stand (40 Metres/50 Metres/80 Metres)

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