Surge Irrigation System (Surge Valve Irrigation)

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  • Size of Coverage: 1-200 Hectares
  • Material: Wooven Polythene
  • Water Pressure Required: 1-10 bar
  • Burst Pressure: 15 bar
  • Durability: 2 – 6 Years
  • Weight: 30kg

Surge irrigation system is a type of irrigation system that applies water to irrigation furrows. It’s an improvement on the traditional furrow/flood irrigation system used by farmers.

A surge irrigation system usually uses gated pipes or hoses to apply water to furrows in a farmland.

A surge irrigation system is also called a gated pipe irrigation system or slide gate pipe irrigation system. It can also be called a gated hose irrigation system.

The surge valve irrigation system usually comprises of a hose or pipe (8-18 inches diameter), gated valves or gates or vales put on the pipes or hoses, main lines that brings water from the source of water and sometimes a water pump that pumps water into the pipes or hoses.

Specification of the Surge Irrigation System

  • Size of Coverage: 1-200 Hectares
  • Material: Wooven Polythene
  • Water Pressure Required: 1-10 bar
  • Burst Pressure: 15 bar
  • Durability: 2 – 6 Years
  • Weight: 30kg

Components of a Surge Valve Irrigation System in Nigeria

The following are the components of a Surge valve irrigation system:

  • Surge Hose or Pipe
  • Gates or Gated Valves
  • Gated Pipes End Cap or Hose
  • Surge Hose Joiners
  • Main Line
  • Valves
  • Backflow Valve

How Surge Irrigation Works

Surge irrigation operates by intermittently applying water to irrigation furrows, impacting how the water infiltrates the soil. Initially, when water hits the soil, it infiltrates quickly, but this rate slows down to a near-constant level as water continues to flow. If the water is paused, the surface soil consolidates and forms a partial seal, reducing the intake rate when water is reapplied. This results in more water moving down the furrow with less infiltration into the soil.

High infiltration rates can cause issues like deep percolation and uneven water distribution, reducing irrigation efficiency. Surge flow can improve irrigation by ensuring a more uniform water application.

An irrigation surge valve, rather than manual on-off control, alternates water flow between gates. Cycle times vary based on soil texture, slope, and field length. Coarse-textured soils with higher initial intake rates benefit more from surge irrigation than fine-textured soils. Steep slopes and low intake rates in compacted or tight soils can limit the effectiveness of surge irrigation.

Surge irrigation can reduce runoff by using short cycles after water reaches the field’s end, maintaining high uniformity and improving overall performance. Additionally, the surge valve automates furrow irrigation, enhancing system management without significantly increasing labor.

Crops suitable for Surge Irrigation System

The Surge irrigation system can be used to irrigate almost all types of crops. However, it is commonly used for the following crops:

  • Rice
  • Wheat
  • Soybeans
  • Carrot
  • Onions
  • Sesame
  • Sorghum
  • Millet

Benefits of Using a Gated Pipe Irrigation System

The following are the benefits of using a Gated Pipe irrigation System (Surge irrigation system):

  1. The Surge irrigation system can be an affordable way to irrigate hard to irrigate crops like rice.
  2. The Surge irrigation ensures that the roots of plants get water; this is more efficient than sprinkler irrigation.
  3. The Surge irrigation system is not as expensive as other irrigation systems.
  4. The Surge irrigation system can be easily dismantled and re-installed.
  5. The gated pipe irrigation system ensures all year round farming.
  6. The use of the Surge valve irrigation system can result in labour cost savings as compared to the traditional furrow/flood irrigation system.
  7. The surge valve irrigation system can be used to saturate farmland with water, this can lead to the eradication of nematodes.

FAQ on Surge Irrigation System

Question: Can I use the Surge irrigation system for all crops in Nigeria?

Answer: Yes, the Surge irrigation system can be used for all crops. However, it is mostly used for closely spaced crops like rice, millet and sorghum etc.

Question: Do I need an expert to install the Surge irrigation system?

Answer: You can install the irrigation system yourself. We can also install for you at a cost.

Question: What is the price of the Surge irrigation system?

Answer: The price of a Surge varies according to the sizes.

To order the Surge irrigation system on phone, please call 08066437109.

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Surge Irrigation System

Surge Irrigation System (Surge Valve Irrigation)

550,000.00650,000.00 (-15%)

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