Urea Fertilizer (46:0:0) – 50KG Bag

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  • Urea is a white crystalline solid fertilizer with 46% nitrogen content.
  • It provides nitrogen to crops.
  • It comes in bags of 50kg.
  • It has a neutral pH.
  • It is stable and non-flammable.

Urea is a white crystalline solid fertilizer with 46% nitrogen content. Urea fertilizer primarily supplies nitrogen to plants. Nitrogen is used in the vegetative development stage of plants.

Urea is the fertilizer with the highest content of nitrogen in the world. In Nigeria, urea fertilizer is one of the most popular fertilizers used by farmers.

Urea is manufactured in granules. The pH of urea fertilizer is neutral and can be applied to all types of soil.

urea fertilizer

Advantages of Using Urea Fertilizer

  • It provides macro-nutrient nitrogen to plants. Nitrogen improves the vegetative health of plants. It also improves the process of photosynthesis.
  • Urea fertilizer is not flammable and can be stored almost anywhere that is free of water.
  • Urea fertilizer can be used for almost all types of crops.
  • Urea fertilizer can significantly increase the yield of crops when used correctly.
  • The nitrogen in the urea fertilizer can improve the health of crops.

How to Use Urea Fertilizer

urea fertilizer

  • Urea fertilizer is usually applied to crops. Care must be taken so that the fertilizer does not touch the plants.
  • Urea fertilizer can burn the roots and other parts of the plants if carelessly applied.
  • Urea can be applied as basal, it can also be top dressed or side dressed. Urea fertilizer can also be fertigated to the roots of plants.
  • It is not advisable that urea fertilizer be left on the soil, this can lead to ammonia loss and waste of resources as the plants will not be able to optimally use the urea fertilizer.
  • Urea should be buried in holes beside plants or rows of plants.
  • Urea should not be applied to soil if the soil is inundated with water.

Crops urea fertilizer can be used for

urea fertilizer

  • Urea fertilizer can be applied to crops like pepper, cucumber, egg plants, watermelon, okra, lettuce and kale etc. Urea fertilizer can go a long way in increasing the yield of vegetable crops.
  • Urea fertilizer can also be used for tree and fruit crops during their vegetative stage. These tree and fruit crops include cocoa, oil palm, cashew, mango, orange, apple and pawpaw etc.
  • Urea fertilizer can also be used for broad care crops like maize, sorghum, millet, sesame and sugarcane etc.
  • Other crops urea fertilizer can be used for include pasture, fodder and flowers.

How Urea can be lost

Urea fertilizer can suffer ammonia loss if applied on the surface of the soil.

Urea can also be lost if the soil temperature is too high, however, this type of loss is minimal.

Imbalances in soil pH can also lead to urea loss.

Yield Increase after Urea Application

In a research done in Nigeria, the application of urea 150kg of urea fertilizer to a hectare of maize crop led to an increase of 150% in yield as compared to no application of urea fertilizer.

Urea fertilizer has shown yield increase capability when applied in the right doses to various types of crops.

The biuret content of this urea fertilizer is very low and safe for use for plants.

You can order urea fertilizer by calling 08025141924.

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urea fertilizer

Urea Fertilizer (46:0:0) – 50KG Bag

24,500.0026,000.00 (-6%)

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