Lagon Herbicide – Isoxaflutole + Aclonifene (50+330 g/L)

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  • Active Ingredients :Isoxaflutole + Aclonifene (50+330 g/L)
  • It can be used for weed control for maize and cassava
  • It is a post sowing herbicide
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Lagon Herbicide – Isoxaflutole + Aclonifene (50+330 g/L)

Lagon herbicide is a post sowing herbicide mainly used in corn and maize cultivation. Lagon herbicide controls annual weeds and dicots. Lagon herbicide is known to be one of the most effective selective herbicides in the world. It has been tried and tested by a lot of farmers in Nigeria.

Lagon herbicide can also be used as a selective herbicide in the cultivation of cassava in Nigeria. It was tested by the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) on cassava crops and it worked perfectly in the control of weeds.

Farmers that have used Lagon herbicide on their cassava and maize farms in Nigeria have affirmed that the herbicide can stop the growth of weeds for up to 3 months.

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Benefits of Using Lagon Herbicide in Nigeria

Lagon herbicide ensures that a maize or corn farm is weed free in the first few weeks of cultivation. This can ensure that the yield of the maize farm is huge. I have seen maize farmers in Nigeria who got yields of 5-7 tonnes per hectare; they all agreed that lagon herbicide did wonders for them in the area of weed control.

Using lagon herbicide in Nigeria can reduce the cost of labour for farmers. Farmers will not need to engage labourers or workers to hand weed their farms. This can increase the income and profit of farmers.

Lagon herbicide can indirectly lead to lesser pests and diseases for crops. When farms are weed free, they are likely not to have a lot of pests and diseases.

Where to buy lagon herbicide in Nigeria

Veggie Concept is one of the leading agribusiness firms in Nigeria. This firm markets herbicides, fertilizers, irrigation products, greenhouses and pesticides.

You can get lagon herbicide from Veggie concept through or 08025141924; you can also visit their offices.

Price of Lagon Herbicide in Nigeria

Lagon herbicide (250ml) is sold for N3,800 – N4,500 in Nigeria depending on the vendor, you patronize, you can buy from us at an affordable rate.

Formulation of Lagon Herbicide

Lagon herbicide is formulated as a suspension concentrate. Its active ingredients are Isoxaflutole and Aclonifene (50+330 g/L). The active ingredients used in the formulation of Lagon herbicide belong to the family of Isoxazole/Diphenyl ether.

Lagon herbicide comes in 250ml and 500ml bottles. There are two variants of lagon herbicide namely Lagon 575 SC and Lagon 380 SC.

Mode of Action of Lagon Herbicide in Nigeria

Lagon herbicide was produced using surfactant. The surfactant makes the herbicide sticks better on weeds so that the weeds will be totally killed.

The surfactant also enables the herbicide to be absorbed by the parts and roots of the weeds so that the herbicide will work better in eradicating the weeds.

Lagon herbicide has been adjudged as the best selective herbicides for maize and cassava farming in Nigeria. We have tried and tested it, ditto, a lot of farmers in Nigeria.

Recommendation and Rate of Use of Lagon Herbicide in Nigeria

In maize cultivation, lagon herbicide should be applied after sowing of the maize seeds (not more than 3 days of maize sowing). The soil should be fairly damp or wet before the application of lagon herbicide.

For sweet corn, it is advisable that lagon herbicide is applied within the first two days of sowing of seeds.

0.5 litre to 1 litre of lagon herbicide should be applied on a one hectare of corn or maize crop.

Crop Pest/Weeds/Malady Dose Mode of Application
Corn Annual weeds (grasses &dicots) 0.5L – 1L/Hectare LAGON 380 SC should be applied to carefully leveled moist soil after sowing. It is recommended to apply the product before the seeds sprout. As a guide, this is usually a maximum period of 3 days after planting for corn and a period of 2 days for the Sweet corn (before bursting of seeds). Preparation of the solution: Fill the spraying equipment with water by ¾. Shake the bottle and pour the LAGON 380 SC dose required. Complete filling of the container and stir. Shake the sprayer moderately during spraying. Use a cone jet spray nozzle to ensure perfectly homogeneous distribution of the chemical (200 to 300 l / h). Do not treat under windy conditions to avoid any risk of drift onto other crops.

Usage of Lagon Herbicide in Sprayers

Knpasack sprayers with a jet cone nozzle are preferable for the application of lagon herbicide. The bottle containing the herbicide should be well shaked. The knapsack sprayer should be half filled with water, then you pour the required quantity of lagon herbicide into the half-filled knapsack. The knapsack sprayer should be mixed thoroughly by shaking; then, you fill up the knapsack with water and shake again. This will ensure that the whole herbicide is thoroughly mixed with the water in the sprayer.

You should note that lagon herbicide can also be applied to crops by using sprinklers and fuel driven motorized knapsack sprayers.

Lagon Herbicide and Maize Farming in Nigeria

Maize is arguably the most popular crop cultivated by farmers in Nigeria. Maize is also a staple food in Nigeria. A lot of farmers cultivate maize every year in Nigeria, however, most of these farmers record yield as low as 1 tonne per hectare when they can actually get up to 8-9 tonnes per hectare.

One of the main reasons of low maize yield in Nigeria is the poor control of weeds especially during the early stage of the crop. Farmers have tried a lot of selective herbicides for maize, they hardly work effectively.

With the advent of lagon herbicide in Nigeria, maize farmers for the first time have been able to make the maize farms weed free in the first few weeks of cultivation. This development has led to increase in yield for maize farmers and also increased the income of maize farmers in Nigeria.

In our farm tour in Kano few months ago, we met some maize farmers who claimed that they got between 5 and 7 tonnes of maize from their one hectare farms. They all agreed that lagon herbicide ensured that their crops were weeds free in the first few months of planting.

Lagon Herbicide and Cassava Farming in Nigeria

Cassava is a popular crop in Nigeria. Like maize, cassava is also a staple food. Millions of farmers cultivate farmers in Nigeria every year. The complaints of most of these farmers are weed control.

Since the advent of lagon herbicide, a lot of these farmers have been able to effectively control weeds on their farms.

IITA did a trial of lagon herbicide on cassava; the trial showed that lagon herbicide can control weeds in cassava farm effectively.

You can contact Veggie Concept through or 08025141924 if you need lagon herbicide or any herbicide in Nigeria.

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Lagon Herbicide - Isoxaflutole + Aclonifene (50+330 g/L)

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